Time Travelers

Education has always been at the forefront of our mission at the QVHSM. We believe a community museum provides a place of roots, helping children and all citizens understand who, how, and why they exist together in this common place.

For the past 17 years, we have hosted third-graders each fall to our heritage campus. Busloads of children come to visit the site on a field trip entitled Time Travelers and participate in engaging hands-on activities. Prior to visiting, librarians and classroom teachers utilize lesson plans and trunks of artifacts to engage students. A 22-page activity booklet “Quincy, My Home” tells the story of our valley and helps students understand the diverse population that all call Quincy their home.

We strongly believe the best learning is done by “doing” and “participating”, so children are allowed to make a quilt block, cook fry bread, dip beeswax candles, churn butter, stone-sharpen tools, and many other skills. Inside the Heritage Barn, the exhibit “Hope and Hard Work: The Story of Our Farms and Food” provides another layer of learning, with both thoughtful and engaging displays and games.

We also host out of area schools in fun and engaging field visits on a variety of topics including Pioneer Life, Farms and Food, Our Natural Habitat, Washington History and more. Please contact us about a visit (see the Contact Us section).

Time Travelers Beauty the Cow with Mandy Ottley 2019.jpg