With our new climate-controlled Archive space and high-density shelving, we are committed to caring for the thousands of pieces of photographs, documents, maps, ephemera, and artifacts in our care. When you donate something to the QVHSM, each piece is cataloged, numbered, digitized (as possible) and entered into a museum software called “Past Perfect”, which is an industry standard. It is our goal to carefully care for every item that is given to us.


When we accept donations, priority is given to items that show specific Quincy history, such as photographs, deeds, family documents, and stories and artifacts. We also accept other items that help interpret the story of Quincy on a case by case basis. Please contact us if you have something of interest. We try to take everything possible but must be able to care, interpret and house the item.

Genealogy and Research

Inside the Heritage Barn is our new Research Room, which contains work space for individual and family research. Items from our Archive may be viewed here. Copies are available for both documents and photographs. Please inquire about pricing.

We have several volunteers who have extensive experience in genealogical work and would love to help you embark on a journey of self-discovery by tracing your family tree. Their expertise in family lineage and also photo identification and digitization creates a team that will allow you to give the gift of roots to your family story. Please call or email us today to make an appointment for personalized help.

Each year we designate time to focus on instruction and help for Family History Month. Check out the Events Calendar to find out when the next classes will take place.


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Manly Men January 2019

We invite you to help us care for this growing collection by volunteering as a Collections Volunteer. It is very rewarding and is a legacy for future generations. We need people who can catalog, manage computer database, care for artifacts and organize!