Board and Staff

QVHSM is a 501(c)3 charity with registered By-Laws and sound fiscal responsibility. Our Board consists of an Executive Council (President, Vice-President, Secretary & Treasurer) and 7 other Directors at Large. Current Officers are Ed Field, President; Pam Barrow, Vice-President; Sue Simmons Gabales, Secretary; Diane Evens, Treasurer. At Large Directors are Kaye Baumgartner, Carol Golay, Jenny Hayes, Lana Rice Lubach, Jenna Mariotti, Tracy Ovenell, and Roger Simmons.

Gar Pilliar has been named Board of Director Emeritus for his two decades of service to the QVHSM.

Since our inception, we have been volunteer-led and operated. This is no exception today, but we do have two very part-time paid employees: Dwight Needens, Curator and Harriet Weber, Director of Operations. They can be reached by calling (509)787-4685 or email